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"I would recommend Kenny Jeremiah & Co to be featured at any type of private function, large event, special occasions corporate locale, club or outdoor venue - anywhere that requires high-end entertainment with flair and excellence."


-Sandra M. Pucciatti Managing Director, Bohemen Opera New Jersey


"In my profession I am asked to recommend music for special events. Rest assured the "Jeremiah-Hunter Band " will be the first on my list."

Denise Petrino General Manager,

Linwood Country Club



The name Kenny Jeremiah has been familiar to residents of Philadelphia for decades, but his fame has spread far beyond the City of Brotherly Love.  During his more than 40-year career, Kenny Jeremiah has entertained millions of people from all over the world, sold millions of records and gained the respect of his peers in the music industry.  


Kenny Jeremiah is perhaps best known as a member of The Soul Survivors, a band he fronted from 1964 to 1969.  Songs like “Expressway to Your Heart” and “Explosion” were instant hits in Philadelphia and beyond.  These famous songs went on to sell millions of copies, and they are still featured in heavy rotation on radio stations around the world.  In fact, “Expressway to Your Heart” was the first gold record for Kenny Jeremiah, and the first national hit for the song writing/production team of Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff, opening the door to what would later become the world famous “The Sound Of Philadelphia”

Kenny Jeremiah and his band: The Soul Survivors in 1967.


During his time with The Soul Survivors, Kenny Jeremiah performed with some of the biggest acts in the industry.  From Big Brother and the Holding Company and Janis Joplin to Richie Havens and Eric Clapton Smokey Robinson & The Miracles and Jackie Wilson just to name a few.  Kenny Jeremiah toured with the best and drew in new fans at every stop along the way. 


While many Philadelphians know Kenny Jeremiah best through his work with The Soul Survivors, others know him better for his work with Shirley and Company, a group that enjoyed great success during the 1970s.  It was during that time that the hit song “Shame Shame Shame” reached mega hit status on the music charts.  The 1970s was a time of sold-out shows and million selling records, but Kenny Jeremiah’s career was just getting started. Kenny Jeremiah spent much of the 1980s on the popular Jersey Shore circuit, moving from clubs to casinos to stadiums and gaining new fans along the way.


For almost five decades now, Kenny Jeremiah and his fellow musicians have delighted fans not only along the Jersey Shore but throughout the world.  This world-famous musician has fans in many different countries, and he is still one of the most popular performers on radio.  Kenny Jeremiah along with Pepper Paul Hosts His “Good Time Old Time Rock & Soul Radio Show Heard On 92.1 fm WVLT Vineland NJ and world wide on  It airs every Tuesday night from 10PM-11PM.

Kenny Jeremiah leading Soul Survivors

One of the things that sets Kenny Jeremiah apart from musicians with shorter careers is his ability to connect with the audience.  While one-hit wonders have hit the big time and flamed out just as quickly, Kenny Jeremiah has continued to delight new audiences and make new friends decade after decade. 


Whether it is the outstanding showmanship he displays on stage, his connection with his fans around the world or his superior vocal performance, Kenny Jeremiah has displayed the kind of staying power that is so rare in the modern music world.  During more than four decades on stage, Kenny Jeremiah has performed in clubs, casinos and stadiums, and he continues to be an extremely popular entertainer.  His live shows combine the energy of a rock concert with the production values of a studio album, something that few performers can pull off on a consistent basis. 


With his combination of talent and boundless energy, it is no wonder Kenny Jeremiah has enjoyed such a long career in a short-term industry.   



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